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PROM was founded in 1992. The main goal of the Center is to promote the healthy growth of youth and children through a variety of activities that prevent substance abuse and antisocial behavior, and reduce harm that is a result of growing up in families affected by alcoholism and other addictions. The Center provides the professional care for children and youth from high risk groups, creates programs that are the alternatives to using drugs and alcohol and initiates prevention programs for schools and local communities.
In Łódź and a hole province, since its inception, PROM has become a well known center for youth therapy and prevention, as well as a resource center for teachers and other mental health professionals working in the field of substance abuse and with the families coping with difficult life problems. The Center is providing trainings and workshops for those professionals. A very important goal of Center activity is to support democracy and build healthy local community.

The Center offers the following programs for children and youth ages 10 - 21:

" Recource center - ph: (48-42) 630-03-73
and youth helpline - from Monday to Friday 14:00-20:00

" Therapy program:
1. psychiatric and psychological consultations
2. individual and group therapy
3. psycho-educational open groups for youth and adults
4. self-help groups

" Training and practice program - PROM organize trainings for professionals and the University students' practice increasing the ability to work with children.

Orange Line - 801 140 068 - Orange Line

Information and consultations - program for parents of substance abusing adolescents
open from Monday to Friday 14.00 - 20.00

90-252 Łódź, ul. Jaracza 40, Poland,
ph: (48-42) 630-03-73, fax. (48-42) 639-97-76,


Professional trainings and workshops for teachers:

" I'm OK.! (8 hours)
by: Beata Morawska, Witold Skrzypczyk
Substance abuse prevention program for children in 4th through 6th grade. The goal of the program is to teach attitudes and social patterns conditioning a proper behavioral development and to change popular beliefs about using psychoactive substances.

" The Safety School (14 hours)
by: Beata Morawska, Monika Świderska, Witold Skrzypczyk
Aggression and violence prevention program for peer groups of children in 4th through 6th grade. The goal of the program is to teach the attitudes and pro-social behaviors conditioning a proper behavioral development and to change popular beliefs about showing aggression and using violence.

" Yes or Not (15 hours)
by: Witold Skrzypczyk
Substance abuse prevention program for secondary schools. The goal of the program is a verification of myths about alcohol addiction and to form attitudes helping to make health decisions on alcohol problems in a family.

" Together (16 hours)
by: Witold Skrzypczyk
Integrative workshops for youths from secondary schools The goal of the program is to integrate a whole school community and to create a system of support for youth, which promotes activities concerning healthy life style, to give the skills to be a group leader, to be creative and self-dependent.

" Snowball (15 hours)
based on: Operation Snowball (Illinois USA)
Community-based prevention program based on youth and adults partnership. The goal of the program is to create an ongoing support system for youth and adults providing community-based prevention and promote the healthy life style with an emphasis on youth involvement.

" MOPR - Youth Volunteer Peer's Aid (18 hours)
by: Witold Skrzypczyk
The goal of the program is to build a system of peer's support in school's community leading by group of trained youth with leader predispositions and natural, healthy attitude. The professionals taking part in the training entitles to lead and coordinate the program in 10 schools (organize trainings of MOPR groups and coordinate and organize local seminaries of MOPR's community).

Trainings and workshops giving an advanced skills to work with children

" TUKA/N - Treatment program for youth using psychoactive substances (70 hours)
by: Witold Skrzypczyk and PROM's team
The goal of the program is to increase one's ability to cope with various life situations without using psychoactive substances. Trainings/workshops include 3 sessions and 16 hours of participant's own work. Trainings show and teach the participants an ideology, methods and also provide with the handbooks witch allow to lead the program in participant's own place.

" Work with children from disfunctional families (100 hours)
by: Lidia Bit, Witold Skrzypczyk
Training includes 5 two days training sessions and it is addressed to professionals working with children and youths in social services, educational centers, clubs etc. The goal of the program is to give more skills in work with children from high-risk groups.

" Organizing a work in a prevention school dayroom (15 hours)
by: Witold Skrzypczyk
A training includes two days training session and it is addressed to teachers and professionals who want to get more skills in organizing classes in a prevention school dayroom.

For those who are interested in organizing the workshops and trainings, there is an option to point the date and the place and co-ordinate all, including the price with the PROM center. The costs of all educational and training materials are include in the price of trainings.

More information on our website:

90-252 Łódź, ul. Jaracza 40, Poland,
ph: (48-42) 630 03 73, fax. (48-42) 639-97-76,

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